This is an article I had written a few years ago that I have decided to re-write and update.

I often get asked by Clients, Friends, and Colleagues “What Is SEO?” So here it is; The Basics Of SEO For Interested Followers. 

It should start with a fresh new website. Your Web Developer planned out the project, developed, designed, and optimized a beautiful website to display properly in all of the browsers; Desktop and Mobile.


And now that the website is optimized for all browsers, now its time to optimize the website with the intentions of being found and indexed in all of the Search Engines, and Directories. Were talking about Google, Bing, Yahoo, DMOZ, and more.

Getting a site up on line doesn’t mean you are going to be found right away on page 1, 2, 3, 4, and so on. Each search engine and directory has their own ranking factors and requirements. So your SEO Strategist has done much research to know how to optimize you site.


Think of it as a big puzzle, its called “Search Engine Marketing”. Some of the pieces to this puzzle are called “On Page SEO”, “Off Page SEO”, “Social Media Marketing”, “Domain Authority Back-linking”, “Email Marketing”, and more.

Now, just a note to remember this is an on-going process, and you may see minor results within a few days, however this is an ongoing process with long term effects and benefits over time.

Each search engine and directory you use to search for things such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and DMOZ have their own database of websites found on the internet. Each one crawls or retrieves sites a little differently, which determines what type of search engine directory they are. More info on Search engines and directories and types found here on

Depending on how much time you devote to your different SEO puzzle pieces, How much traffic you receive, and you follow their ranking factors you can get indexed better and eventually have a higher page rank and get closer to page 1. Some keywords and keyword phrases can even get you higher up in the list. More info on search engine ranking factors found here on SEOMOZ-

The Ultimate result from this whole process or putting the pieces of the SEO Puzzle together is to increase traffic to your website, which hopefully translates to increased business.

Thank you for reading “What Is SEO? The Basics for Interested Followers”.
SEO is not for everyone, and we haven’t even scratched the surface yet in this blog.
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